Duncan Park





The work I produce is done in the traditional fashion using only a mallet and chisel. Unlike engraved or sandblasted letters, which have a very standardised appearance, hand carved letters have a vitality and character that is really unmatched by any machined letter.

The benefit of a hand carved design is that there is much greater freedom of expression, opening up a wide range of design opportunities.

From an initial consultation whether on the phone or via email, I will find out as much information as I can from you about the proposed carving. From this starting point I can then form a concept of the piece through a series of sketches and designs. When you are happy with the final design, a full quote will be given.

Once authorised in writing, I will order the stone and begin carving. I will ask for a third of the payment at this stage for larger commissions and half for smaller ones.

As every piece of work I produce is unique to the customer, costs will vary according to the amount of work involved.

As a rough guide on price, a basic house number will cost in the region of £40, a house sign in the region of £120.

A Pet memorial will cost anywhere between £80 and £250.

Larger relief carvings and garden sculpture will cost between £400 and £2000.

If you wish to get in touch please use the contact page providing as much information as possible about your order. Or if you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them.